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SHUFLIA creates leather goods by craftsmen. This means that each bag or backpack, notebook or wallet is unique and inimitable. It's not just words, because in our workshop there is an additional opportunity to choose the design of the desired product. In a word, you can add your part to the magic of creating your own order. Maybe that's why things from SHUFLIA often become a favorite.

We suspect that a piece of love and passion with which the master works always lingers somewhere between the seams. And that, of course, has its charm and value. By the way, about values. It is important to us that SHUFLIA is not a mass production, which aims to distribute as many products as possible. It is the ability to pay attention and create a special thing for a particular person that makes our manufactory alive and cozy.

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Handmade leather backpacks | SHUFLIA

Handmade leather backpacks | SHUFLIA

Everyone should have backpacks like your favorite pair of jeans or a... 

Handmade leather accessories | SHUFLIA

Handmade leather accessories | SHUFLIA

Seductive wallets, belts with a massive buckle, practical key cases and other leather... 

Leather gifts for special events and people

Big corporate or dating anniversary, birthday or wedding day - SHUFLIA makes leather gifts for special events and people to order.

  • Tatiana Vlashin

    Shuflia - You are really unreal! You are fantastic! You are incredible! I love you from the first lamb! Create more!

  • Katerina Tsigankova

    You are love. Your purse, the most sudden and unexpected thing in my wardrobe, has become one of my favorite things))) it makes any image, just like red lips or, I do not know, the perfect manicure;)

  • Irina Sakhno

    Extremely warm and creative team, very stylish and high quality things. They support many charitable projects to help children. Thank you!

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