How to care for leather goods
What care do leather items need?
Take a backpack, for example. It cannot be washed as usual - surface treatment is damaged by mechanical action, water and exposure to synthetic detergents.

Therefore, we recommend wiping the outer surface with mild detergents or wax soap. The substrate can be washed with liquid, household, baby soap, shampoo.

There are two types of skin cleansers:

professional means;
handy, the ones you can do yourself.

Professional tools You can buy and use professional skin care products.
If you prefer the tools at hand, then prepare a soap solution for external treatment with the addition of ammonia in the consistency of 1 ml x 4 ml x 20 ml (ammonia x soap x water).
To restore shine, the outer part can be wiped with lemon juice, glycerin or Vaseline.

With frequent use of the backpack, various spots may appear on certain types of skin.
So if you have a similar situation, you can take note: ink neutralizes lemon juice; blood stains are removed with hydrogen peroxide, household soap solution; remnants of cosmetic mascara are washed off with glycerin; greasy stain, which is clearly visible on a light surface will be removed with salt. Also suitable baby powder or dishwashing detergent.
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