Benefits of purchasing leather goods

Benefits of purchasing leather goods

Leather goods have been a favorite material of a lot of buyers for many years now. It offers the perfect blend of practical and functional use as well as it does look aesthetically amazing. Leather is also known to be extremely durable and is one of those things that just last forever.

The usage of leather actually dates back as far as 5000 BC! That is how long we've all loved using leather as a material for bags, shoes and even notebook covers. Here at Shuflia, we are dedicated to making you top quality leather goods but before we even go there, let's look at some of the main benefits of purchasing or buying leather goods!

Benefit 1: Sheer Durability, Flexibility & Malleableness

Well, we can't start this list without talking about the main reason why leather is a material that everyone enjoys using. It is of course because of how durable it is. Leather is extremely well-known for being durable. It is also known to be extremely resistant to any severe wear and tear that can be avoided if you take good care of your leather goods.

The leather itself can last for about 100 years and this is one of the main reasons that the leather bag industry has been booming for decades now. It can be used and thrown about without real damage if you take care of it properly.

Couple that with the fact that its durability also allows it to be malleable over the years. "Losing shape" isn't something normal with leather bags as the leather grows with you.

It ages like wine and the older it is the better it gets as it will follow the way you use it. With that it gives you a more personalized bag or shoe over the years.

Benefit 2: It Never Really Goes Out Of Style

Well, since we did mention that humans have been using leather goods since 2000BC, it is quite obvious that it would not go out of style anytime soon! This is one of the bigger benefits of purchasing leather goods, it is timeless.

The look, feel and colouring of leather goods is something that will be appealing for many more years to come as it truly is timeless. They will also still look trendy and fashionable over the years because people still appreciate it. You will never have to worry about your bag or shoes or even leather jacket going out of style every year just like any other fashion piece.

Leather goods are also known to be a timeless piece. It also fits in perfectly with your current wardrobe or fashion style because it is usually simple and elegant when created.

A leather piece is also known to be passed down generations and can be done if the pieces are preserved properly.

Benefit 3: Eco-Friendly & Natural

Yes, it is made of animal hide. However, the process of leather tanning have been perfected over the years and it does not pollute the planet as much as synthetic material production.

Producing synthetic bags, clothes and shoes are usually done in large factories that do leave a very large carbon footprint. It is usually also done with a lot of chemicals that can cause skin irritation and issues to your health if not checked properly.

They are also not as durable and most of the time these goods end up in the landfill faster because they break apart or just can't withstand the test of time.

At least with a leather piece, you know that it has gone through processes that have been perfected over time, they do not pollute the earth as much and you will not need to buy another one in a year because it lasts for decades.

All in all, it seems like a much better decision because it does provide a more eco-friendly solution to those who try not to subscribe to the industry of fast fashion.

Benefit 4: Breathable & Mostly Weather Proof

We are not saying that you should walk out of the house in the pouring rain with a leather bag as it will damage leather. But, because of the tanning processes that our leather goes through it is a lot more durable in the ling run.
Leather is also porous which allows it to be a lot more breathable. This means that when taken care of properly, your leather good is less susceptible to fungus, mildew, mold or even bad odor.

With that being said, here are some of our quick tips to ensure that you can take care of your leather goods properly to extend their lives much more.

  1. Keep them in a dust bag when not in use to make sure that humidity doesn't wreak havoc when it is in disuse.

  2. Use leather conditioners that will help reinstate it's shine and also to make it more waterproof over time. Try to do this twice a year.

  3. Always insert paper or a shoe noodle when you are not using your bags or shoes so that the shape stays over time.

  4. Never use heating materials to dry your leather goods if it has gotten wet, just dry it out like normal in a room.

  5. Never use strong cleaning chemicals to clean your leather goods. If there is a stain, use a soft sponge with mild soap and wipe it off.

  6. Avoid using detergent or alcohol-based solutions.

Benefit 5: It Saves The Bank in The Long Run

Upfront, leather goods might seem expensive. But when you factor in just how long you will be able to keep it and use it for, it does not seem so crazy of an idea. Imagine purchasing a bag that is made in the fast fashion industry, it goes out of style every 6 months, it is also usually not made to be durable which means you will have to go and buy a new one soon.

Leather bags and overall leather goods usually have a basic lifespan of a minimum of 10 years. Imagine not having to buy a new bag for 10 years! How much will you be saving?

If you think about it that way, purchasing leather goods will be an incredible savings option for your bank in the long run.

Here at Shuflia, we have 4 different kinds of leather.


This is our smooth surfaced leather that is a naturally polished leather that does not have hydroemeric embossing but comes with multiple coatings and a two-tone effect giving your piece a lovely look. One that will turn heads for sure!


Our natural matte leather that looks similar to nubuck but is slightly denser. This gives you a more vintage vibe for its look and feel.


Our natural and environmentally friendly, smooth leather that has a flat surface. It also has a slight sheen and dusty pattern. All together, it gives off an elegance and a sense of nobility to the piece she is used for.


With an interesting facial structure, Flotar is a natural leather that is currugated after the tanning process. This gives it a special charm that will impress anyone around you.

All of our pieces are customized and handmade from scratch especially from you. The amount of care and dedication that goes into each piece will guarantee you a piece that will last you a lifetime.

You can pick any type of leather good you would like and tell us what kind of leather you would like us to use as well as the color you would like.

If you want more customization, you can always contact us and we would be more than happy to get you the piece that you have been dreaming about.

So, if you are looking for your own, once in a lifetime piece, visit Shuflia today to get started. We are impatiently waiting to get started on your very own piece.

We hope to serve you soon!

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