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SHUFLIA manufactures menus, checkbooks, notebooks, holders, bracelets, key chains, wallets, locksmiths, other types of corporate gifts and leather accessories. We apply embossing on the skin (company logo, other inscriptions or graphic elements). We develop products for corporate clients from scratch or according to the customer's sketch.

Stages and conditions of execution of corporate orders

Work with corporate orders is as follows:

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  1. Initial consultation on products. Come to our workshop or apply online - we will listen to your ideas, discuss the approximate timing, cost of materials and work of the master. It is difficult to say the exact dates and prices at once - this requires time and more thorough preparatory work. The calculation of the cost, for example, occurs after receiving the layout from the customer.
  2. Drawing up a technical task, coordination or development of a product sketch from scratch. At this stage, the master will discuss with you the technical details of the order, make technical drawings with measurements, select the skin that will fit well with this product and approve the result with you.
  3. Important: If you are talking about tailoring for specific needs - for business cards, papers, a set of tools or something, you must provide accurate measurements of the thing for which the leather product is intended. Measurements are then made to the technical task for tailoring, which will work on the master.

Please note: Often the process of agreeing with the customer takes more time than tailoring. When developing a technical task and selecting leather, you can communicate with the master online, or live, in our open workshop.

To speed up the preparation process, let the wizard know exactly what you want to get as a result (otherwise, due to the uncertainty of the client, the deadlines may be delayed).

Definiteness and a clear vision of the result at this stage are very valuable. Compare: when the client knows exactly what he wants, you can agree on the layout in an hour, if not - in a few days.

  1. Tailoring of the sample. According to the technical task approved by the client, the master sews one sample at the full cost of the product. At the time of sewing the sample, you will already know the fork of the unit cost (from NN to NN UAH) and the approximate lead time. If there are no comm
    Вироби з натуральної шкіри у Франківську
    ents on the sample, the customer pays in advance, and SHUFLIA proceeds to
  2. Genuine leather goods in Frankivsk work on the order in full.
    Making 70% prepayment. In the case of corporate orders, we work only for 70% prepayment and do not start working to pay the advance by the customer. In case of cancellation or cancellation of the order, the prepayment is not refundable.
  3. Sewing and deadlines for work on the agreed layout. The tailoring time of the product may depend on the complexity of the order, its volume or the availability of leather in the workshop / supplier. Leather for corporate orders is ordered individually, so the lead time is expected to wait for the delivery of raw materials from the supplier. Provided the leather is in sufficient quantities and the sample is approved quickly, corporate orders can be processed within 10-20 working days.

    The term of execution of the order in any case is stipulated with each client individually.

    Delivery of the finished product. We send orders by Nova Poshta across Ukraine.

    All products in the individual line - fittings and seams - are covered by a 12-month warranty.

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