Custom tailoring

In addition to leather goods from our own line, which you have seen in the catalog, SHUFLIA craftsmen also make individual orders. For example. A new backpack or bag based on your own sketches, a fanny pack like the one on Pinterest, a leather case for hairdressing tools, an embossed dog collar, or even a cover for your favorite bike - we can make everything!

What do we do?

  • development of models according to the client's own design;
  • development of a product from scratch - design, patterns, model according to the client's wishes or sketches;
  • modification of products from the SHUFLIA catalog (adding lining, pockets, changing the size of products, etc;)
  • applying embossing to a product made by SHUFLIA;
  • applying engraving;
  • other types of work.

Examples of our work:


Stages of work:


Leave a request on the website or email us: 


You can contact us online - we will listen to your ideas, discuss the approximate time frame, cost of materials and the work of the master. 


We clarify the details, calculate the cost and time of work


Drawing up a technical task, approving or developing a sketch of the product from scratch. At this stage, the master will discuss with you the technical details of the order, make technical drawings with measurements, select the leather that will fit this particular product and approve the result with you.


We make the order, pack it,and  deliver it

Engraving or embossing on products

Engraving and embossing on leather. We will make your gift truly unique!

If it's a single order - a wish on a notebook, your name on a backpack, a logo on a wallet - we will do it! 

It's simple: you provide the logo or inscription to be applied to our designer, and if there is none, we will create it for you.

Burning (laser, engraving) can also be used to decorate replicated products - when you need to provide an entire office with notebooks with your own logo or impress your wedding guests with WOW leather invitations! 

We also do embossing for orders. For this purpose, a special cliché is made, with the help of which your drawing is then applied to the products. As a result, you will get an attractive embossed image. The cliché can then be stored with us or with you and used for subsequent orders.

If you have any ideas for a special gift, corporate gifts, or anything else, please contact us - we will be happy to advise you, calculate the exact cost, and develop a design!


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