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Bags, backpacks, briefcases SHUFLIA created with the idea that a good thing should not be disposable. She is obliged to serve for a long time and bring pleasure.

We strive to build a transparent and competitive business, and we believe that our advantage is not in the lower price or large volumes (which creates excessive consumption or loss of quality), but in customer service. In the simple pleasure of a new backpack at the stage of its creation. After all, each of us has a bit of a "designer" - we want to give the customer the opportunity to order something exactly as he / she always wanted. SHUFLIA open workshop today is located on Promprylad.Renovation - the center of innovation in Frankivsk. And we are glad that, remaining a family workshop, we still grow: in quality, service, the best design.

Natalka Naida

Co-founder of the family manufactory SHUFLIA

Leather does not need additional decor - it is a self-sufficient material with a unique texture and color. We allow the skin to speak for itself, so in the design of bags we avoid unnecessary decoration. Things from SHUFLIA are simple and functional. We do not make decorative seams, just as we do not make decorative bags. Everything must have a clear purpose and task.

I have known and loved Shuflia for a long time. For me, it has become an extraordinary example of a perfect product, design, aesthetics and durability. I want to develop such a product, tell people about it all over the world, create jobs for people who also believe in it. And then one day there was an opportunity in life, when everything came together, and I became a business partner. This moment is very valuable for me personally, because it is more than just doing business. It's about creating values, collaborating and collaborating with people you value and learn from.

Marta Kondrin

Co-Founder of the SHUFLIA Family Manufactory

SHUFLIA is an open family manufactory in Ivano-Frankivsk, founded in 2008. If you want to come and see how backpacks are made or your individual order is fulfilled - come in, our doors are always open!

Every detail, every SHUFLIA seam is handmade, and every bag is carefully thought out to be comfortable and durable. The guarantee of the quality of each product is our impeccable reputation, many years of experience in the leather business and the desire to create things worthy of their price and labor.

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