Interview with maker: Tania

Interview with maker: Tania

How did you start working at Shuflia and what did you do before?
In October 2019 I was still a student at the local Institute of Arts, and my friend advised me to apply for internship at Shuflia. She knew that I was doing leather craft as my hobby and that I loved it a lot. I myself was following the brand for a few years and I couldn't believe that I was able to join the team. Therefore I was very proud to be offered an internship at Shuflia and later on become a core team member.

How did you discover the leather craft for yourself?
I created my first leather item 8 years ago, while I was studying in college. That's when I realised, that I really wanted to create leather goods. Leather is such a noble material, that serves people for many years.

How much time does it take to create a leather product?
Creation process is very interesting, it is quite complicate and requires constant improvement of my skills. This is probably the main thing I love about my job. For example, in order to create a backpack, I need to spend one full day of attentive work and then one additional hour to fully complete it - by grinding the corners, installing metal parts and checking the quality of every detail.

What designers do you follow?
Besides my work, I'm very interested in fashion. I love reading about new collections, analyse them and be inspired by them. Most of all I study trends in leather accessories. I follow these brands: JACQUEMUS, ByFar, The Row, Wandler, Jil Sander, Old Celine, Chloe, Hermes, Bottega and many more.

What do you like to do after work?
I love sports & drawing.

Do you eat meat?
I don't eat meat for 2 years. I love animals and every being, therefore I feel more comfortable like that. But I don't judge anyone, who eats meat. I believe that using leather a more rational approach to resources, since it is durable and ecologically-friendly, than other types.

What does the future holds for you?
It's very hard to predict the future nowadays (experience with COVID is a good example of this). But I'm confident that my active work now will positively impact my future.
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