Our Team. Get acquainted with Olha

Our Team. Get acquainted with Olha

Friends, we continue introducing you to ShufiaCrafts super team, so meet Olha today.

And how did we live without her before? Where this girl is, life is raging there: this is what colleagues say about Olia. She does not imagine her life outside Ukraine. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Olha moved with her two children to Poland, but homesickness and the desire to be helpful here brought Olha back.🇺🇦

Olha has two diplomas: she is a seamstress and a manager, so she successfully combines her skills and bits of knowledge in practice at ShufliaCrafts. We are impressed by her multitasking ability to quickly switch from one task to another. The girl's day is really busy: she is responsible for communicating with suppliers, sending your orders, and is an integral part of creating leather goods.

And Olia makes our life sweeter. Yes, because she treats us to homemade pastries daily; how can we not love her?)

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