Our Team. Get acquainted with Tatyana

Our Team. Get acquainted with Tatyana

Friends, our team consists exclusively of women, and we would like to tell you about every one of them. So, meet Tetiana.

Tanya is ShufliaCrafts` head manager, and the words "impossible," "can't," and "don't have time" don't exist for her.

Indeed, it would seem that there are only 24 hours in a day, but Tania's day is so complete that time adapts to her, and not the other way around.

Everything starts with coffee, and then life rages around her.

In the workshop, Tetiana manages all the processes of manufacturing leather accessories; she can efficiently perform any production stage. After all, she is responsible for the final result. In addition, it is Tanya who communicates with customers and processes all your orders. And, of course, she is our team builder.

And when the doors of the workshop close, Tania works on herself for hours every day:

Dancing, stretching, graphic design, and learning English. Neither rain nor snow nor weekends stops this fragile girl on the way to self-development and improvement.

"A person must develop. I believe that life is too short, so I want to study this world as much as possible," she says

Every evening, after a busy day, her favorite cat, an exciting book or a movie, and ... a conversation with her beloved husband, who defends the independence of Ukraine, await her at home. We, the Shuflia team, wait for her every morning, for whom Tania has been an inspiration, teacher, and great friend for three years.

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