Shuflia has developed boundary-pushing leather aprons

Shuflia has developed boundary-pushing leather aprons

Shuflia has developed boundary-pushing leather aprons! Your Ukrainian manufacturer of leather accessories Shuflia and the Gastro and Garden company from Denmark have joined in the heartwarming embrace of collaboration.This union wasn't just about products; it was a radiant example of unity in challenging times.

Our paths crossed thanks to the discerning connoisseur Eric from Gastro and Garden. His search for masters from Ukraine began with Google — the translation into Ukrainian of "leather apron" led him to Shufla's doorsteps.

Our workshop's English-language website overcomes the language barrier, making our shared history accessible, and Eric's commitment to quality and customer focus has not escaped Eric's attention. And finally, the thread that connected us even more strongly is our commitment to social projects, especially Urban 100.

Leather apron

Eric's decision to collaborate with Shuflia underscored values that transcend borders. From Denmark to Ukraine, we held hands. One hundred units — 75 leather aprons and 25 knife rolls- went beyond a simple product; they became symbols of the two countries' support, unity, purpose and joint art.

This story reminds us that even in difficult times, a spirit of craftsmanship and shared values can create something exceptional.

Actually, about leather aprons

Just look at these leather aprons for those who value safety, quality, comfort and cleanliness of clothing while taking care of style and image!

For your attention, a fully leather apron made of genuine leather and sewn by hand for bartenders, barbers, tattoo artists, cooks and barbecue lovers. A stylish accessory that will add a touch of sophistication to any profession.

For convenience, the apron has extensive and robust pockets, and the length of the product is adjustable thanks to hardware on leather straps so that it will fit a person of any height. Regardless of purpose, durability and comfort are mandatory attributes when buying an apron.

If you still have doubts about a 100% leather apron, Shuflia offers an equally superb alternative - a fabric apron with removable, adjustable leather straps! A light and comfortable apron that will become a permanent accessory and your business card!

And, of course,  let's remember engraving or embossing your company's logo on the apron because perfection knows no bounds.

If you are interested in developing your own leather product, write to us to turn your idea into reality in the near future!

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